Key Seven Consulting

The Consultancy

On behalf of "KESCON" may I take this opportunity to thank you for the interest shown in our business. We strive to render excellent services and quality products to our clients. We ensure that you as a valued client will always receive our utmost attention. We have excellent hands-on engineering short cources to offer to our valued clients. Our success is directly attributed to the steadfast relationship that we have with our clients. We would like to thank you for your loyal support and for selecting "KESCON" as your preferred service provider.

The Consultant

The consultant (owner) has more than 35 years of training and assessment experience in the Engineering Fraternity. The consultant was fortunate to manage a "Group Training Centre" (Technical Skills academy) for a leading cement, lime and aggregate company. The consultant has a strong base in scoping, un-packing, developing and quality assuring training tutorials and assessment guides. The consultant has over the years hosted and presented a vast number of seminars, skills programs and short cources.